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Crazy Clever

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Fast and clever 1-page websites get the job done on time and on budget.

And yeah, we look good doing it too. Really good. Across all devices. Big, little and small.  Moo.


We think you’re going to like us at Happy Cow.  Sure, we’ve got mad skills and we like to dazzle. But we also like to lock our horns and ‘get ‘er done!” So there is it:  we build sites that are good looking, smart AND capable.  Moo.

So What’s this all about?

We have fun at Happy Cow Syndicate

But we’re actually pretty serious about creating really great 1-page starter and micro sites for tiny businesses.  That’s our niché: compact 1-page sites that look and work great on everything, but especially on mobile devices where you get everything you need by scrolling vertically with your thumb. 

Why just one page?

Lots of reasons.  Not everyone needs a fat site.  Thin sites can be faster, easier to maintain and more effective. In 2018, 58% of all websites were accessed from a mobile device.  Mobile users really don’t like clicking on little menu buttons with their big fingers.  So they scroll with their thumbs. They scroll and scroll. And scroll. It’s navigation by thumb.  And — of course — you can only do that if everything you need is on one page.  So, since that’s the “writing on the wall,” that’s exactly the kind of website we’re going to design.

But I need a lot of back pages

Happy Cow makes really great 1 page sites for tiny businesses. That’s what we do.  And we are very focused about it.   But we also are a part of the GXHQ Constellation of Marking Properties, which is just a flowery way of saying we’ve got sister companies that have the flexibility to do just about anything for any size organization.  For example, the Express Business Network can make just about anything for small businesses (3-25 employees).  So if we can’t do it — they can!  Use them for your larger site!  Contact Express

For more information about our sister companies and all the other things we do, visit

What's with the weird name?

What weird name?  Ha!  Our founder has been making creative products for a long time, and generally puts a copyright line somewhere in his work.  On this website, for example, you’ll find it at the bottom of this page, in the footer.  This practice did not escape the notice of his small children, and as soon as they could write, they began copyrighting their work too.  Only they invented the name “Happy Cow Syndicate.” But what does it mean? Who knows?  They couldn’t explain it either.  He’d ask, and they’d just say, “Moo!”  But what a great name for a company!  And here we are.

Made in America

“SO WHAT?” you may ask.To which we say, “Americans need real work too.”  We understand the market forces that compel American companies to seek lower costs by outsourcing labor and production to developing economies. We understand tax code and its myriad implications. We understand market capitalism and the drive for higher margins and lower costs. We are businesspeople too, after all. And we also understand the tremendous value American out-sourcing is to the industrious people in developing economies who — by being sourced to –are able to improve their lives, help their families and increase their own personal opportunities, all without having to leave home.

But we also believe that we have a primary responsibility to our own community and to our own economy. We believe that we are part of a complex system, and that our own countrymen are not so prosperous that they no longer need the kind work that we can provide. These are our sons and daughters, our friends and our neighbors. They live here, with their families and their dreams, and they need opportunity too. The kind of opportunity that comes from supporting local economies, and the magic that happens when money is circulated throughout the community. So when we do the math, the money we save by outsourcing overseas is simply not worth the opportunity cost of not circulating it right here.

And so we choose to buy American.  The people we hire, the vendors we use, the partners we have. Perhaps we will be less prosperous because of it. Our costs may be higher, as will our price.  Perhaps our margins will be lower. Maybe, even, our business will fail. We will take those risks. We consider it an investment in our community — an investment in America — and her people. Because at the end of the day, we think that’s what small business is really all about:  Community.

We hope you agree, and will join us in supporting American small business, and the men and women that keep it going.

You’ve got questions ….

Who are you?

Happy Cow Syndicate is a part of the GXHQ Constellation of Marketing Properties, and is captained and choreographed by Christopher Damon.  Chris has been providing strategic and tactical marketing services to national and regional clients in the Greater Austin Area for over 30 years.  If you live in the North Austin area, you are most certainly familiar with Chris’s work.   Happy Cow is a new initiative.  With Happy Cow, Chris is leveraging his approach, philosophy and decades of experience to serve the needs and budgets of the smallest businesses out there:  the solo practitioners, the one-man-bands, and the self-employed.

Who are you for?

Great question. Happy Cow creates custom web products that promote independent, tiny businesses.  By independent, we mean operations that are on their own, and are not supported by a corporate office or franchise.  And by tiny, we mean really small:  ONE OR TWO PERSON OPERATIONS.  The solo-practioners.  The self-employed.  

Why tiny businesses?

Tiny businesses have a special place in our hearts, because — over the years — we have been tiny many, many times.  We know their frustrations.  We identify with tiny businesses, their needs and budgets, and we think we can help.  Plus, always wished we had a group like Happy Cow in our court.

Why should we use YOU?

If you have a tiny business, you may have noticed that the industry has been rushing to provide organizations like yours with a lot of automated do-it-yourself products.   NO HUMANS.  And that’s fine, but we’re more interested in going the opposite way.  We want to provide tiny businesses with a high quality human experience, with custom, thoughtful and creative work.  And we think we’ve figured out how.

Do you do e-commerce?

Light e-commerce, sure.  If you’ve got a couple of products you’d like to transact, and they fit nicely on a 1-page site, no problem!

The Happy Cow Product Line

Happy Cow Identity Systems, it all starts with a great logo

Happy Cow Identities

It all starts with a great logo

Your identity is the foundation for everything we do.  Every design decision is informed by your identity. So we’ve got to have a good one to work with.  If you’ve already done this important work, awesome!  We’ll go with that.  If you don’t, we can get you there.  Either way, we need a good identity to get going.


Two ways to pay

1.  Traditional:  Pay 1/2 upfront and the remainder upon completion.

2. Happy Cow Credit: if you commission both an identity System AND a website, you are eligible for Happy Cow Credit.  Terms are 1/4 upfront, 11 installments of the remainder at 15% interest.  Offer must be coupled with our Beefmaster Hosting plan.


AL State of Alabama oval car sticker

Skinny Cow Web Site

Lean and trim

We do the part that you can’t.  You get us the content — the words, pics and images that will appear on your site — and we’ll make a cool Happy Cow website out of it!  We’ll build it in Word Press with best-practices optimization, we’ll get it to you in under 10 days, and we’ll train you how to use it.


Two ways to pay

1.  Traditional:  Pay 1/2 upfront and the remainder upon completion.

2. Happy Cow Credit: if you commission both an identity System AND a website, you are eligible for Happy Cow Credit.  Terms are 1/4 upfront, 11 installments of the remainder at 15% interest.  Offer must be coupled with our Beefmaster Hosting plan.


AK State of Alaska oval car sticker

Fat Cow Web Site

Big and Beefy

We’ll take care of everything.  The Fat Cow comes with some serious beef.  We’ll interview you and write professional content.  We’ll take or create professional images and graphics, and we’ll do everything we do with the Skinny Cow.  Leave it all to us.  You’ll be up and amazing in 10 days.


Two ways to pay

1.  Traditional:  Pay 1/2 upfront and the remainder upon completion.

2. Happy Cow Credit: if you commission both an identity System AND a website, you are eligible for Happy Cow Credit.  Terms are 1/4 upfront, 11 installments of the remainder at 15% interest.  Offer must be coupled with our Beefmaster Hosting plan.

AZ State of Arizona oval car sticker

Beefmaster Hosting

Concierge hosting

We only offer 1 level of hosting at Happy Cow, and it’s awesome.  Hosting is too important to skimp on, so we made our hosting product elegant and beautiful:  it’s blistering fast, optimized for Word Press and secure out of the gate. We take care of everything. We keep it running, maintained, updated, and backed up.


Two ways to pay

1. Pay upfront: Save 10%. Min 1 year engagement

2. Make 12 monthly payments. Min 1 year engagement


So ... what does a Happy Cow website look like, anyway? Well ....



Truth in labelling

THIS is a Happy Cow website!  Who would we be if we developed a different kind of website to promote ourselves than the ones we sell to our customers?  That would be sneaky, but you see it a lot out there.  That’s why this is a 100% organic Happy Cow site.  By that we mean we made this site using only the parameters, philosophy and tools that make up a Happy Cow site:  It’s a 1-page site, built on Word Press, and we gave ourselves 10 days to make it.  To be specific, this is a Fat Cow site ($4,800) –– we wrote all this copy and we made all these graphics –– with a Happy Cow Logo ($2,750) and Beefmaster Hosting ($50/mos).  Altogether, this is a $7,550 project, plus $50/mos for the Beefmaster Hosting.

Happy Cow Products in the World

Happy Cow Identity Systems, it all starts with a great logo

Happy Cow Identities

City Post Chophouse

City Post Chophouse is an upscale steakhouse concept moving in to a historic US Post Office building.  The vision for the new restaurant is grand and sweeping in scale.  Like every great project, it all starts with a strong foundation: a really great identity system!  While there are many more bricks to follow, we’re proud of the role we played in laying a great branding foundation for this exciting new venture!

AL State of Alabama oval car sticker

Fat Cow

Decastone imports artisinal grade quartz countertops for homebuilders in South Florida.  Beautiful, elegant and fiercely dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, Decastone needed web, branding and marketing materials that were as amazing as they are!  We were happy to help!  

AK State of Alaska oval car sticker

Fat Cow

The Sweet Lemon Kitchen is a delightful, must-visit Farm-to-Table cafe just off the historic courthouse Square in beautiful Georgetown, Texas.  They do a lot — from hand-crafted chocolate-dipped strawberries to gourmet sandwiches. You can even book a private room for your special event.  And you can discover it all on your smart phone with using just your thumb! Yay! A website designed to work with the device we use the most.

AZ State of Arizona oval car sticker

Happy Cow Identities

Renaissance Co-working

Renaissance Co-Working offers memberships to its elegant and refined historic office building. It’s clients are working professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs seeking a new way to work and collaborate in the 21st century. We took our inspiration from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, wherein Venus arrives from the sea on a giant scalloped shelll; a perfect bridge between the old and the new, arriving newly born, yet fully formed!

Ready to get started?

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Let’s chat!

We talk, we meet, we figure out if we’re a good fit, and what “next steps” should be.

Buckle Up!

We’re off to the races, ’cause we’ve only got 10 days to do our thing.  So get ready to make a lot of decisions fast!  

Let’s do this!

It all starts with a conversation.  Call 512-387-0935 to get going, OR reach out to us in any of the following ways, and we’ll call YOU!

Call or text!


We do both.  If you call, be sure to leave a message if we don’t answer right away.  We know a lot about small businesses because we are one, and can’t always pick up when the phone rings.


To send us a private mail, simply fill out the form below, and click “submit.”  We’ll get it and get right back to you! This is a secure form, so be sure to fill out the simple “Captcha” arithmatic at the bottom.  This is important, because this is how our system differentiates between mails sent by humans and mails sent by evil spam robots.

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Happy Cow Syndicate 

Custom branding and web products for tiny businesses

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We think you're going to really like Happy Cow


Happy Cow makes 1 page websites for tiny businesses


Happy Cow Syndicate is a part of the GXHQ Constellation of Marketing Properties



Custom branding and web products for tiny businesses





Happy Cow Syndicate
110 E. 7th Street, Ste. 311
Georgetown, Texas 78626


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